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What is imposter syndrome and how can we get past it?

What is imposter syndrome and how can we get past it?
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A summary of the event the Thriving From The Start Network recently hosted on the topic “What is imposter syndrome and how can we get past it?”.

The Thriving From The Start Network recently hosted an event focused on “What is imposter syndrome and how can we get past it?”. The event was brilliantly chaired by committee member, Arun Aggarwal, Lloyds Banking Group and I was delighted to share the virtual stage with Ali Aswad, Bank of England and Sharon Thorne, Deloitte.

Watch the event recording here.

Some of the key points that emerged were.

  • Imposter syndrome is very common and it impacts many. Some studies suggest more than two thirds of people experience it at some points in their life. Working remotely and apart for the wider team, has made imposter syndrome even worse for many people, as they miss out on the every day reassurance that you might get when working with your team in the office.
  • Imposter syndrome can have a severe impact on mental health and on ability to flourish in the career. For some people, it leads them to be paralysed by fear of doing something wrong, so they don’t take the risks or try new things. For others, it can lead to taking on too much and over working in an effort to prove themselves, which can lead to burnout. When the impact is severe, our speakers talked openly about how seeking support from mental health professionals can really help.
  • Coping mechanisms for imposter syndrome at work include speaking to someone within the business you trust, including manager, mentor, colleague or peer. Also, create a bank of evidence of your strengths by writing down three things that went well each week. This technique pushes you to reflect on your work and performance in a more holistic way, and recognise your strengths as well.

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