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Webinar: how employers can support the mental health of their people

Webinar: how employers can support the mental health of their people
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A free webinar with Make A Difference Events: The Hidden Pandemic: why employee wellbeing matters more than ever and what employers can do to help

This week Susan Bright Global Managing Partner, Diversity & Inclusion and Responsible Business, Hogan Lovells & NED, the CMHA joined Make A Difference for a webinar on how employees can support the mental health of their employees. Susan was joined by Janet Pope, Chief of Staff & Group Director Sustainable Business from CMHA member Lloyds Banking Group and Dr Stephen Pereira, Founder and CEO, Happence and Dr Nick Earley, Head of Psychology, Happence.

Susan shared key initiatives that have made a difference at Hogan Lovells including:

  • Using storytelling to challenge stigma
  • Bringing counselling services on site 
  • Training – upskilling and increasing understanding and confidence has been critical for getting people to engage with mental health and wellbeing
  • Monitoring and evaluating progress by using the CMHA’s Workplace Mental Health Assessment
  • Recognising that workplace mental health strategy is not a competitive sport. Businesses should be willing to share good practice and be open and curious as to what other businesses are doing.

You can watch a recording of the webinar by registering here


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