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Thriving From The Start Network


The CMHA Thriving From The Start (TFTS) Network is a mental health community for people who in their early career or who are still in education and applying for jobs.

The Network was established by the CMHA in November 2018, and its mission is to create a culture of positive mental health in businesses for people in their early careers. We do this by:

  • Challenging mental health stigma – we are normalising conversations about workplace mental health through events and story-telling
  • Increasing mental health literacy – we are increasing the confidence and skills of young people to talk about mental health in the workplace
  • Offering peer support – we are giving young people the opportunity to connect from others in a supportive online community
  • Transforming businesses – we facilitate a feedback loop between young professionals and Board level, to help drive positive change

Who is the CMHA Thriving From The Start Network for?

Please join this Network if you are a graduate, apprentice or school leaver in the first five years of your career, or in education and applying for a job, and have an interest in learning more about mental health in the workplace. The Network is run by a committee of volunteers, also in their early careers, who are committed to building mentally healthy workplaces. It was established, and continues to be part of, the CMHA’s Early Careers Health Programme.

Watch our short film about the TFTS Network


TFTS Network Updates and Resources