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Guy Benn, Associate at the Bank of England


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“We asked City Mental Health Alliance to support us to design and deliver an event for our junior talent on mental health awareness utilising stories, perspectives and topics that felt relevant to the stage in their careers. We worked closely with the team (Farimah and Jaan) to devise an event that was inclusive and informative and we really appreciated the perspectives they brought to the table. We ended up holding a panel event with Deloitte participants but also those from the Thriving from the Start network – which received fantastic feedback both in terms of the openness and honesty of those participating which I think was in part to the expert chairing of the session by CMHA and their ability to hold space for these stories. We also provided a learning element to the session and CMHA delivered an excellent session on Unhealthy Perfectionism – which was packed full of practical and relevant advice. The whole event felt seamless and we really appreciated CMHA’s input, calmness and professionalism on the day. I’d highly recommend working with them and hope that we can collaborate again in the future.”   Natalie Hall, Thrive in Financial Advisory Lead, Deloitte LLP

“In May 2020 the City Mental Health Alliance (CMHA) delivered virtual Mental Health First Aid training to 16 Bank of England colleagues. The CMHA helpfully adapted the course, which is usually delivered physically, to be accessible remotely. The course remained interactive and engaging despite the redesign to suit the situation. All 16 Bank colleagues enjoyed the course, and came away with added confidence, skills and knowledge to provide a new layer of mental health and wellbeing support to Bank staff.”   Wellbeing Lead, Bank of England
“HSBC’s Mental Health First Aiders across the Private Banking division attended the CMHA’s 60 minute skills refresher course, which was excellent. It provided really practical tips on how Mental Health First Aiders can best support their colleagues in the current pandemic, as well as look after themselves. Our attendees not only valued the chance to refresh their skills and make it relevant for the current environment, but they also appreciated the opportunity to share their Mental Health First Aid experiences and learn from each other."    Rob L Embury, Country Head, Corporate Client Group and Wealth Client Group, Private Banking, HSBC UK Bank plc
“We partnered with Farimah and the team from the CMHA to deliver a two-hour mental health awareness session for our junior talent, and I’m pleased to say that it delivered on all objectives. The panel conversation created a real sense of openness and understanding for everyone involved and prompted lots of great questions and engagement with attendees. While the learning session helped our young professionals to think about what warning behaviours they need to look out for in themselves and steps they can take to look after their wellbeing. Feedback from attendees has been really positive. Farimah worked closely with our team throughout the planning process to develop a unique event that met our specific needs. The CMHA team’s experience and guidance was invaluable when it came to honing in on the content that was most impactful, relevant and engaging for our audience.”  Helen Millen, Director, Financial Advisory, Deloitte LLP