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Bereavement in the Workplace

Bereavement in the Workplace
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Online / In person: 90 mins

Group size: 5-30

Audience: All


Grief is a natural human response to loss. Managing and supporting the bereaved can be particularly challenging for employers, line managers and colleagues. Losing someone to the Coronavirus will result in additional complications and considerations for the person affected and may lead to traumatic bereavement if unsupported.

Effective and appropriate support can help employees to remain at work and ensure they are looking after themselves during this grieving process. Employers have an opportunity to develop their support to employees through this crisis and make a difference through helpful understanding and building stronger leadership and supportive networks.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Have an overview of traumatic bereavement and the grieving process
  • Understand the impact of the grief response and behaviours associated to this process in the workplace
  • Develop skills to make appropriate approaches to support employees
  • Have awareness of both internal and national resources to signpost colleagues towards
  • Learn ways to support and look after their own mental health and wellbeing when supporting a colleague experiencing grief.

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Experiences of this course

“It was extremely informative on the different aspects of poor mental health but also offered a framework in which to support others, with practical tips! Excellent!!"