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Mental Health and Race in the Workplace

Mental Health and Race in the Workplace
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Online:  3hrs / In-person:  4hrs

Group Size:  6 - 16

Audience:  All employees


The feeling of being together and not alone can help us open up with each other to increase race confidence and improve mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.   Effecting change can often feel overwhelming, uncomfortable and lead to fear of saying the wrong thing, causing offence and simply not knowing enough. These feelings often lead to inaction!.

This course aims to build awareness and understanding of the disparities experienced by people of Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds, and the intersectionality of race, racism and mental health, so we can begin to breakdown the barriers to taking action with anti-racism at work.

Participants will learn about racism and systemic racism, micro-aggression, allyship and the key stages for having compassionate conversations that will promote engagement, coalition building and the necessary actions to create psychologically safe environments for ethnically diverse people in the workplace.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will learn:

  • How disparities caused by racism impact the mental health of people of Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds
  • How to create, empower and be better allies through facts and evidence-based information
  • How to build race confidence and platforms to talk alongside people of Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds
  • How to promote proactive engagement and supportive conversations about race and mental health
  • How to build coalitions to create resilience in the workplace

Course Content

  • Identify disparities and impact of racism on mental health
  • Historical overview of racism, micro-aggression and systemic racism
  • Developing allyship through reflective practice
  • Key stages in having a race and mental health conversation
  • Useful resources and support pathways

Who is this course for?

Anyone embarking on their journey for knowledge and understanding about anti-racism work

The course will cover language, terminology and understanding of different concepts pertaining to race, racism and mental health, however, it is important that participants and their workplaces have already engaged in the agenda.  If participants are new to this journey, it is important you spend and dedicate time prior to the course to read, watch and listen to at least three of the resources listed in our Mental Health and Race Toolkit

Contact us to book and for more details about the course.

Feedback from previous course attendees

This training session was thought-provoking and forward looking, with theoretical content being bought to life by a trainer with good knowledge of the issues being discussed. I would thoroughly recommend.