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Resilient Leadership during Covid-19


Online: 3hrs / In-person: 3 hrs

Group size: 5-30

Audience: Line Managers and Senior Leaders


Working in uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations has become the new normal. This session has been designed specifically for managers to develop the skills and knowledge to confidently lead their teams through challenging times.

It covers key models that provide structure and clarity to the situations managers are facing as well as practical skills to enable them to apply appropriate strategies to support their teams through change.

It will also provide managers with a better understanding of how to look after their own mental health and wellbeing – maintaining the energy and focus they need to sustain performance as well as model healthy behaviours.

(Please note we can bespoke the course content and duration to accommodate different audience groups and levels of availability)

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Reframe their role, understand the assumptions and new challenges they face as a leader
  • Understand the value of and implement different approaches to support situational leadership
  • Apply appropriate strategies to support teams through change
  • Protect and nurture their own mental health and wellbeing in order to build mentally healthy and resilient teams
  • Implement strategies to nurture and protect their own energy and focus
  • Understand and manage conflicting feelings and emotions associated with being a leader

An expert view


Even the most experienced of managers are telling me that they are finding the situation challenging. It is important that they feel supported in adjusting to this new normal so that they can, in turn, better support their teams.