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Nigel Jones
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Nigel Jones


I coach, facilitate, lead and catalyse.  I ask challenging, thought-provoking, incisive questions to help people and organisations clarify their goals, identify perceived barriers and work out how to overcome them in order to achieve those goals. And ensure they implement the resulting action plan.

I use empathy, patience, determination and humility to build bridges between people and organisations and create sustainable, effective networks.

I have a particular interest in mental health.

Impacts my work has had on coaching clients and Boards include:

  • better health, wellbeing and happiness - a necessary pre-requisite to achieving business/professional success, not an optional extra - including from feeling being more calm and focused;
  • greater clarity of role and purpose;
  • increased collaboration;
  • improved self-confidence, optimism, enthusiasm and effectiveness, including in dealing with difficult people and situations (eg internal HR issues, challenging clients, business development), eg through improved ability to read body language and understand workplace politics, and having a more effective toolkit for dealing with day-to-day challenges; and 
  • enhanced leadership and teamworking skills, organisation, structure, and sense of control/preparedness (including of and for difficult conversations/presentations).

My coaching qualification (and most of my CPD) is with Meyer-Campbell. My supervisor is Nicola Haskins.