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Unhealthy Perfectionism

Unhealthy Perfectionism
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Online:  90 mins

Group Size:  5 - 30

Audience:  All employees, but particularly those in the early stages of their careers


A healthy striving for excellence is a positive attribute. When people with a healthy striving for excellence fail, they are able to stand back, reflect objectively on their mistakes and learn from them. Conversely, people with unhealthy perfectionism will have unrealistically high expectations and standards for themselves and others. These standards may be attainable, but at significant negative consequence and can be a huge cause of stress and mental ill health.

This course will give participants the skills to identify the difference between a healthy striving for excellence and unhealthy perfectionism. The course teaches delegates practical skills to address unhealthy perfectionism in themselves and create positive change.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the difference between healthy striving for excellence and unhealthy perfectionism.
  • Identify behaviours and signals associated with developing unhealthy perfectionism.
  • Understand the thoughts and feelings that drive these behaviours and the impact of unhealthy perfectionism on their mental health.
  • Understand their own Stress Signature and how they can support their own mental health and wellbeing
  • Know internal support and resources - signpost colleagues and access for themselves

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Client Testimonial

“We asked City Mental Health Alliance to support us to design and deliver an event for our junior talent on mental health awareness utilising stories, perspectives and topics that felt relevant to the stage in their careers. We worked closely with the team… to devise an event that was inclusive and informative and we really appreciated the perspectives they brought to the table.
We ended up holding a panel event with Deloitte participants but also those from the Thriving from the Start network – which received fantastic feedback both in terms of the openness and honesty of those participating which I think was in part to the expert chairing of the session by CMHA and their ability to hold space for these stories. We also provided a learning element to the session and CMHA delivered an excellent session on Unhealthy Perfectionism – which was packed full of practical and relevant advice.
The whole event felt seamless and we really appreciated CMHA’s input, calmness and professionalism on the day. I’d highly recommend working with them and hope that we can collaborate again in the future.”  Natalie Hall,  Thrive in Financial Advisory Lead, Deloitte LLP