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Thriving from the Start Network


The CMHA Thriving From The Start (TFTS) Network is a free mental health community for people early in their careers. The vision of the Network is to create a culture of good mental health for future leaders in the workplace.

Who is the CMHA Thriving From The Start Network for?

The Network is for people who are early in their career, or about to begin a career, and are interested in improving mental health in the workplace. The Network provides an opportunity to connect with others who share the same passion and drive to build mentally healthy workplaces. Your company does not need to be a City Mental Health Alliance member for you to join the Network.

The Network’s aims

Established by the CMHA in 2018, the Network aims to:

  • Help the future generation of leaders in the workplace become mental health literate. This will support them to make changes to create mentally healthy workplaces
  • Provide a safe space and a supportive community for those at the early stages of their career who are struggling with their mental health
  • Feedback insights to business leaders and employers about mental health and wellbeing for prospective and current employees at early stages of their career

What does the Network do?

To achieve its aims, the Network:

  • Hosts a number of events throughout the year providing opportunities to learn, connect with others and feedback to business leaders
  • Provides access to resources and training
  • Provides a community where people can connect, through events and social channels, with others who are passionate about improving mental health in the workplace

How can I be a part of the network?

If you are interested to hear more from the Network including upcoming events, please register here: Join the TFTS Network